James Bernard

james bernard is a multi-instrumentalist/gold-record selling electronic musician/sound designer/audio engineer/instructor

James has been producing electronic music since 1993 under many different monikers. 
His earliest releases were on the legendary UK record label, Rising High Records, where he was label-mates with artists like Luke Vibert, Mixmaster Morris, The Black Dog, Union Jack and Hardfloor!

Some of his releases as Influx such as "braineater" (on Sapho Records) are considered classics in the early hard trance and acid scenes, but still sound fresh today. His ambient album, James Bernard - "Atmospherics" (originally released in 1993) is considered by some as one of the most ground breaking albums of it's time.

As the trance scene evolved and became more commercialized, James started to experiment with producing other types of electronic music. Soon, Influx had changed it's sound into a more IDM, syncopated style and more releases followed on a slew of other indie labels (Isophlux, Analog Records and more) and resulted in him signing to TVT/Wax Trax records in 1998 as the primary member of the group "Expansion Union".


A song that was written in his bedroom, named "Playing with Lightning" as a working title, had gotten the attention of someone with New Line Cinema who chose to use the song for the movie "Blade" (with Wesley Snipes) and include it on the companion soundtrack CD. Over 700,000 copies of that CD were sold and James received a gold record for his achievement.

In 2005, after many years of not releasing any of the music he was creating, he started to put his music up online for digital distribution.

Fast forward to 2015 and James is still producing lots of music and his sound has matured greatly. One minute he might be working on some epic bass style track, the next an ambient/electro-infused texture.